Everyone who dreams to have a house in Bangalore, needs to follow certain procedures that are mandatory in making sure that the dream shall not remain a dream. In that long list of things to do, the most important of things is to make sure that property papers are perfectly aligned.

It is best to get your property papers verification done through property verification advocates in Bangalore, these professionals are well versed in this process. The process shall begin with you providing the details of the plot, upon which begins the work of these property lawyers. Assureal, can help you bridge the gap of running around to your lawyers with the list of documents that are needed for the green go- ahead for buying the property in Bangalore. They provide you with a chance to have your property verification done online anywhere in Bengaluru or in Karnataka entirely.

As you may have heard, due diligence with regards to the property papers have a lot of papers, deeds and certificates that need to be looked and verified. Assureal makes it simple for you, by providing you a list of services that cater to making this verification process, hassle-free for you as a buyer.

What does Assureal do – as a part of the legal verification?

The builder or seller will have provided you with a series of documents, Assureal shall come and pick this up from you and then cross check if the details given to you are genuine and match up to the documents in the local governing bodies.

The survey numbers that are provided are subjected to check and scrutinized, poring over all the details and seeking to see if they are a perfect match. The Title deeds, sale deeds and Encumbrance certificates, khata’s – these terms may sound alien and confusing to you but Assureal has been doing this verification work for sometime now and are well versed in the art of verification of property documents in Bengaluru. The verification of the above documents shall be made in with due diligence, given to every detail that needs attention. They are teamed with property verification lawyers that can perform all the legal work involved in obtaining these documents and verifying them for you.

But if you are wondering, if the builder or seller gives you a softcopy of the documents instead of parting with the actuals, even then – Assureal has you covered, with an in-house logistic team that shall extract all the data relevant for the verification – to check if there are legal or monetary constraints associated with the property in question.

There is a saying in Kannada, it is better to know in person and listening to them from someone. Assureal and its team of lawyers go the extra mile, with a visit to the site and perform the inspection of the entire plot to check if even in the physical form, they are telling exactly what is promised in the documents legally. The dimensions, the certifications, safety and other facilities that are promised are upto the mark and legally binding or not.

Adding on the team of experts shall also review the sale agreement, sale deed and the construction agreements made by the builder and help you make the best decision possible.

But if you are wondering, looking at the list of documents that are to be verified and you are in a jam when it comes to time constraint, then too Assureal has your back by providing you an expedited delivery that can make this entire process a little quicker to accommodate your timeline and help you make the right decision.

Assureal provides you the best services for the online verification of plot papers. We are here to enable you to relax knowing fully well that your work in safe hands and that you can take a breath of relief, when it comes to property verification of all the legal papers associated with the plots.

So, drop a mail to us at Assureal and rest easy on this cumbersome and tiring processes related to verification.

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