Thinking of buying a home in Bangalore that offers you the best of amenities, yet promises to be an independent cozy home for you to spend your days at. This plot that you are being offered ticks all the boxes with regards to the dream home you want to construct. The next step in the journey you do is to make an appointment to the real estate lawyer with regards to the papers of the land that is being offered for sale.

Normally there are two papers that come in, that are most important while making the transactions, The Possession Certificate and the Encumbrance certificate. Encumbrance as the name suggests this document is used to check if there are any monetary or legal dues attached to it.

The document or the certificate is normally used to ascertain the legal aspects which define as an evidence of free title or ownership of that particular land. The Encumbrance certificate is normally associated with the same piece of land over a long period of time, all the data regarding the plot history is maintained typically like a log book or a database in the sub-registrar office regarding the office.

Real estate lawyers ask these in determining if there are legal dues or monetary dues with regards to the plot. This is also needed in most cases in banks that ask for the same when in relation to loans for the buying of this plot or as collateral for loans. The same certificate is useful when the sale of the plot is to be done.  Your lawyers shall also ask you for getting the same for over a period of over 15 to 30 years to make sure that all documents are in order.

Normally this certificate is given for the period of time that is being requested and this need to be requested at the sub registrar office.

If in case you need to get the same for your use,

1) Please download the form 22 and affix it with a 2-rupee non-judicial stamp addressed to the Tahsildar office with all the relevant addresses, plot numbers, the time period needed and the reason for this certificate being requested.

2) Normally it takes 15 to 30 days to get the certificate, the fee is determined based on the number of years you have requested. It is normally provided in the regional language and an additional fee is to be provided for English translation.

3) If the plot has had no encumbrance before then a form 16 is given, if an encumbrance is available then the form 15 is given with all the details.

The certificate is scrutinized by the lawyers for all the details on the certificate. Once they scrutinize, then you are well on your way to make the decision on the plot that shall be the place of your dream home.

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