If you have been hunting for buying a plot of land, you would have been bombarded with a lot of jargons, like sale deed, encumbrance certificate and much more. In that long list of documents that are needed to complete the list is the Khata certificate.

Well this document is aimed to make the Khata certificate is no longer a question to you !

If you are a lay man, Khata is in its very authentic meaning is an account; like the term that you may have often heard, “Bank mei Khata kholo”- Khata here holds the account of the every piece of land that comes under the BBMP, i.e Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike and is used to calculate and access the property tax that needs to be paid for – to the government for enjoying the civic amenities like water, electricity and so on…

The Khata certificate holds all the data regarding a particular site, including the name of the owner, the size, the area it covers and so on… It is not be confused with the title deed that specifies, under whose name the property is currently belonging to but here the case is to access and make sure that each property has paid its due with the usage of the amenities provided. The entire account is held by the BBMP, detailing if the property tax has been paid with regards to the property.

It is also important to know that in case of a sale, the Khata data also needs to be updated with the new owner of the account, so that the new owner is now responsible to pay the property taxes for that property.

How to apply for one?

Buy an application form from the BBMP and fill in the details of the plot and send the same to the Assistant Revenue Officer of the concerned area along with the information on the taxes paid for the plot, the Khata certificate shall reach you within 5 weeks either from BBMP or the Panchayat offices.

So, the next question would be – What is A Khata and B Khata?

The answer lies in the segregation with regards to the which authority is collecting the taxes, if the BBMP is collecting the taxes then it shall be a A Katha, if the municipal authorities are collecting it then it comes under B khata. In the year when BBMP was formed with the merger of BMP and seven city municipal commissions and 110 villages, it was observed that many plots had still no history of paying the taxes it needed to pay for the authorities either to the BMP or the CMC but they had not done it, so the BBMP regularized this with the introduction of two Khatas; A Khata and the B Khata.

The B Khata signifies that now the taxes are being collected by the local municipality with A Khata it is done by the BBMP.

Which Khata is better?

Although both Khatas are valid, the A Khata is the more complete one that can be used to get loans on the property and be used for trade purposes too, hence the A Khata is more preferred.

The B Khata can be changed to an A Katha if the plot has been DC approved, property taxes are upto date for the plot and a fee called the “Betterment Charges” need to be paid.


Now that this information has been made available to you, we hope all doubts with regards to the Khata certificate has been cleared and has aided you in your efforts to buy that home in Bangalore.


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