Have you been thinking of buying a home in Bangalore; doing your research on the flats available in Bangalore, the realty developers in Bangalore, pricing of the buildings, loans and much more.

Well here is a list of things that you need to really consider when in the long but rewarding process of having chosen to build your dream home at the perfect location:


  • Do your research and set your plan

The research shall include on the type of property you are looking to buy, whether it is a plot that you want to buy or a flat that fits your bill. Secondly, the location that you want the house to be- be it near the buzz of the city, easy access to transport such as metro, National Highways or the relative calm of the city’s outer circles or the residential properties that you are hunting from a long time.

Once your priorities are set straight, with regards to the location, it is the next important thing to decide on the budget, make a few cuts to your checklist of the amenities and the locations that you have earmarked for the same. Check if you can arrange for a loan in the bank or can afford to pay the same in one shot or installments.

  • Find a real estate agent or be an independent onlooker:

The next step in the process is to make sure that you get a good real estate agent who has been in the business for long and can understand the needs of your investment or plans with regard to buying a home in Bangalore.

Or you could scour the places that you have earmarked for buying, visit the locations of the sites or the flat, make the required enquiries yourself. Meet the builder, discuss with them on the pricing, the papers and the documents that is available with them with regards to the plot.

Once the copies of the documents are available with you, check the legality of these documents, correspondingly also apply for a loan in one of the banks that shall also ask you for relevant documents such as the Encumbrance certificate and the title deeds and so on.


  • Perform the litmus test on the builders, developers and the documents:

Get in touch with your lawyer and verify the documents that are given to you by the developers.

  1. Check the title deed – to make sure that the property is in the name of the builder or the seller that is selling the land.
  2. Encumbrance certificate – to make sure that there are no legal or monetary bindings that are associated with this property.
  3. Completion certificate/ Occupancy certificate – in case you are buying a flat that whose construction has been completed, then check if these certificates that indicate that the construction has been done according to the plan and has been cleared by all norms of the water, electricity and fire boards.
  4. If the project is an ongoing one – check If the plan has been sanctioned by the local authorities and also if the layout has been sanctioned, typically checking if all the plans for your floor is also approved.
  5. If it is an Individual plot, please check the Katha certificate to make sure everything is in order.
  • Make the payment and ask for the allotment letter:

Once you and your lawyer team has verified the documents and been given the go green status. Check if you are making a one-time payment, payment based on installments of progress or time or as a down payment in case of an ongoing project.

The builder shall provide you with an allotment letter detailing all the specifics of the plot or the flat that you are buying, including the size, amenities etc. Following the same, the builder shall have to give you a sale agreement stating that the property has been sold to you and all the relevant details of the plot, areas and price indicated.


In case it is a plot, after you have bought it that you have a sales agreement with the seller and proceed then to registration of the property.


  • Registration and Possession certificate:

The final step is the possession of the property been transferred to your name, but this is not the complete procedure, which shall only be completed when the property has been registered in your name in the municipal office records stating that now you hold the rights of this land or property. A transaction fee as stamp duty need to be paid to the government following which the records are officially changed and you are now the sole owner of the plot.

  • Call you relatives and celebrate the success:


Although the road to buying this dream property has been long and tiring, all the efforts are worth it when at the end of the road you get to own a piece of land as your own. It is now time to celebrate your success with your friends and family.

From planning to buy a home to actually buying one is indeed an experience that can test your patience and your skills as a negotiator but a plot in Bangalore is now worth its weight in gold. What are you waiting for, get ready to plan your dream home and bring it to life with these steps.



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